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One-Line Bio

Certified coach, entrepreneur, big fan of creative products that help people grow, visual artist, writer, psychologist, wife, dog lover, burner of midnight oil.


Here's the Facts

* President and founder of Coaching Toys Inc., An online store and resource site promoting creative approaches to personal and professional development,
Coach, Product Mentor and Creator of the transformational Pink Paradigm Process

* Product review columnist for CHOICE the magazine of professional coaching.

* Professional coach since 1999,trained by The Coaches Training Institute

* Master's level licensed psychologist in the state of Minnesota (before that I worked for many years in the Advertising Industry)

* Workshop leader, speaker, visual artist and entrepreneur.

* Author of Q? Basics, A training product for new coaches and managers

* Creator of Passion to Product, a 5 CD home study program on creating tangible products

* Graduate of The Coaches Training Institute's CoActive Leadership program - 200 hours of intense experiential learning.

* Participant in the Enlightened Millionaire Institute protege program, created by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen

The most important thing to know about me is that I love the creative process and helping people succeed. As a coach I am fiercely committed to my clients dream and I have lots of resources to share.


spirituality, art, creativity, canoeing, personal growth, internet marketing, leadership, creative tools, info products, experiential learning