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March 04, 2013


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Amen, Marcy! I'm tired of being pitched on money generation, big-figure numbers, and sales. Where's the emphasis on providing value to a client and/or creating an experience or product that facilitates positive change in the world?


So glad I'm not alone in this! Thanks Chris.


You have expressed my concerns so clearly, Marcy. My focus is different because I'm a massage therapist, but it does seem a very pervasive "selling point". Having it as a priority is so limiting to your life, to your inspiration , to your vision of what you want to leave to the world etc. The reality is that most people won't be able to achieve this level of income, despite signing up for whatever is being promoted, so there is inbuilt inevitable failure. A skewed perspective plus a struggle to achieve its goals- what a damaged , corrosive way to define what really matters


I am continuing every day to unsubscribe from the hype-laden lists. I'm just sick to the core of all of it. In the process, I'm finding my way back to my own sources of inspiration and creativity; back to my way of being in business. Thanks for your rant--I appreciate another savvy business woman calling it like it is. Bravo!

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